Why We’re Rated Better Than Everybody Else

For any good service-providing company, client satisfaction is always the priority. At PC275, our organization always puts our customers’ needs first. As a result, we have amassed many glowing reviews and ratings. Here are some of the reasons why we are rated better than everybody else:


1.) 2.75% rates

The way we charge our clients is to help them save and make more money. This is how we break our rates down: 2% is paid to the buyer’s agent, while the remaining 0.75% is paid to PC275 (or a flat rate of $3000 for homes sold below $400,000); this leads to our next point:


2.) Transparency

One of the core principles PC275 is based on is transparency. As such, we are entirely open about our fees and offer a great base product with the ability to customize your listing plan if you’re looking for additional services. That may include home staging, drone videos, and property maintenance, to name a few.


3.) Customer service

We are known for our exceptional customer service; this is because of our mentorship program. Our Award-Winning Realtors® are there to make sure there are no shortcomings in the buying or selling process. Furthermore, our agents are backed by an outstanding executive team with plenty of training to take care of all of our clients’ needs!


4.) And finally…our range of services!

Even with our low rates, we still provide world-class service. What does that look like, you may ask? Well, it means that we would advertise your listing everywhere. This includes thousands of real estate websites, so your listing will have maximum exposure.


We take high-quality photos of your home. These are the photos used on realtor.ca and help to increase the perceived value of your property. Additionally, our award-winning, eight-stage user experience combined with our comprehensive marketing program ensures that we get top dollar for your home.

To find out how our team can help you buy or sell your home, contact us at service@pc275.com