Staging Your Home When Selling

What is Staging? 

Home staging on a fundamental level is just preparing your home to be sold on the market, with the goal of making it as appealing as possible to the greatest number of potential buyers. It’s an essential part of the process of selling your home and can make a significant difference in the selling price. 

Why is it important? 

Selling your home is likely to be the most significant financial transaction you will engage in, in your lifetime. Why would you want to settle for a much lower price than you are capable of getting? 

Buyers don’t just look at the structure of the house that they are viewing; they are very susceptible to emotions. Having a beautifully staged home can give them a glimpse of how amazing they can make their potential new home look. 

As such, for the amount of time and money you’ll need to invest, you very well could be making one of the most profitable financial decisions of your life! 

Staging tips 

1.) Clean! 

This one seems obvious but can be overlooked. Make sure that every part of your home is cleaned, and that means appliances too. You want to give the prospective buyer the impression that you have taken good care of your home. When the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom shine, that’s how you know your home is ready. 

2.) Declutter  

Obviously, a lot of this is done during the cleaning process; however, many people overlook what they leave on surfaces. You don’t need your toaster or blender sitting out on your counter or expired food taking up space in your pantry. Clutter makes it seem like your home has less space than it actually does, and that can deter a potential buyer. 

3.) Depersonalize 

Imagine you’re looking at buying a home. You walk in, and all you see are their personal items like family photos or kids’ artwork. It’s going to be a little harder to be able to picture yourself living in a place that seems like theirs. That’s why you need to depersonalize! Replace those family photos and kids’ artwork with generic artwork and decorations; it will make it easier for a buyer to picture themselves owning your home. 

4.) Flaunt your storage space 

Storage is a priority for many buyers for good reason. So now is the time to start organizing and decluttering closets, cabinets, and storage rooms. Start using bins and shoe racks to give the impression of a tidy space, so when buyers arrive, they can see how much space they would be able to utilize. 

5.) Engage the senses 

Sensory marketing isn’t just for retail stores; you can use it when selling your house too! The two big steps to engage the senses of a potential buyer are: (1) get some lovely candles or a diffuser going to fill your home with pleasant scents. The last thing you want is a buyer noticing the musty smell coming from your basement, plus a pleasant aroma will ensure a great first impression. (2) Invest in some high-quality lighting. This doesn’t mean you should go and buy a bunch of new light fixtures, however making sure there aren’t any poorly lit areas as well as replacing your old lights with some warm LEDs will go a long way. 

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