Redesigning and redecorating small and cramped bathrooms can be a hassle for even the craftiest of handymen/handywomen. Usually, small bathrooms are crowded and confined with little to no natural light. Most small bathrooms tend to have an unbalanced layout leaving things to be a bit awkward when it comes to design. Let’s break down some easy steps to avoid the costly hassle of wall demolition. 


  1. Let There be Light!

Light, bright rooms tend to feel roomier– thus, you want to do everything you can to bring in that light! There are some cheaper and easier ways for you to do this in case you don’t want to demo a wall or call in an electrician. We typically recommend starting with changing your wall colour to something light, clean and inviting. Often dark or loud colours can tend to make tighter spaces feel smaller.  Changing the light fixture or increasing the light bulb wattage can also make your bathroom feel double in size. If you do want to hire an electrician or if you are handy yourself, we do recommend installing an additional flush-mount or ceiling light fixture to increase the light in your small bathroom. 


  1. Mirrors

Mirrors can really help to open a space up. You want to add bigger mirrors that take up the majority of the wall– this will increase the length and depth perception of the room. You can also opt into using multiple mirrors instead of one big one. Adding multiple mirrors will help to reflect light.  


  1. Streamline Storage

First, when it comes to storage install recessed shelving and medicine cabinets because anything that sticks out will make the space feel constricted. Remember keeping all storage flush with the wall will allow the area to feel more open.  


  1. Eliminate Clutter

In small bathrooms less is also more. Try only to keep the necessities in the washroom so that the room feels less cluttered. We recommend using baskets, hooks, and holders to make any items in the bathroom appear neatly positioned. Try to keep additional towels, washcloths, toilet paper, etc., in a storage closet so that everything in the washroom has a meaningful place. In short, the general guideline is if it is not a bathroom essential, store it somewhere else! 


  1. Raising the Bar

Even something as simple as raising your shower curtain bar closer to the ceiling can create the illusion of a much bigger space. Raising the curtain high is an easy DIY trick that will make the ceiling feel taller because it draws your eyes up.  


  1. Choose Light Coloured Flooring

A dark floor can make a bathroom feel tight– regardless of if your  

walls and ceilings are light. Light coloured flooring will open up your space from the ground up making your bathroom feel bright and open! 


  1. Hide the Bathmat

A bathmat constantly on the floor can give off the illusion that your bathroom is small. An easy fix is to put your bathmat away when you’re not using it. Roll up the matt or fold it tightly if your bathroom is too small and there is no place for you to hide it. 


  1. Install a Sliding Door

Switching from swinging to a sliding door is an easy fix that can make a huge difference in your bathroom. A swinging door can sometimes take up almost half of your bathroom. Having a sliding door will eliminate this issue and maximize your bathroom real estate.  


  1. Go Clear and Frameless

Having a clear glass shower will make the room seem more significant. Frosted glass was all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s, but now we must save it for Dentist and doctors’ offices. Frosted glass makes a space feel smaller and more closed in. A framed door can also give the same effect, as it can make the room feel constricted instead of open. Go frameless and clear; you will love what it does for your space!  


Follow these easy tips and apply them to your lovely little washroom– you will love the outcome. Send us some pictures or drop us a line on other suggestions that you have to make a washroom feel bigger and better!