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PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia is an award-winning real estate agency ready to help you buy or sell your home in PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia

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PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia helps buy and sell homes in all of the Southern Ontario region: 

Why clients choose PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia to sell their property

London, Woodstock and Sarnia home sellers look for a professional and transparent real estate sales experience.

London, Woodstock and Sarnia sellers believe that real estate commissions should be fair

London, Woodstock and Sarnia home owners want to collaborate with local PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia Realtors®
to reach the most buyers possible

Sellers in PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia want to maximize their MLS® sale price and retain more equity!

Breaking down our 2.75% commission rate

2% is paid to the Realtor® who finds the buyer
Sellers can offer 2.5% to the cooperating Realtor® should they choose to

0.75% is paid to PC275 Realty for listing services

For homes sold below $400,000, there is a flat rate of $3000.

How does 0.75% work? At every stage your PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia Realtor® will be by your side, from our initial listing appointment to establish pricing and marketing strategy to showing buyers your property and eventually offer negotiations. Meanwhile, our service team will efficiently manage all logistics and vendors, showing requests and document management to ensure a smooth and polished experience.

What’s Included?

PC275 Base Package

Full MLS® listings on & Local Realtor® MLS plus IDX syndication to all brokerages.

You get full market exposure nationally and on your local MLS as well we share your listing with all brokerages so they can advertise it on their website. You get their access at our pricing!

Up to 20 HD professional Photos

To showcase your property and provide great marketing images buyers can review.

Secure Lockbox on your property

To provide access to the 90% of buyers with an agent.

Professional lawn sign

To attract drive-by buyers.

Online showing management customized to your family and feedback requests for every showing

You control when buyers have access through an easy-to-use online portal that also displays feedback from buyer allowing you to adapt your listing as needed.

Buyer management and showing support

We manage all buyers, so you do not have to worry about it. All showings are with a licensed Realtor®

All offers and paperwork done virtually

Sell your home easily, anywhere in the world with email and internet access.

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How much could you save in commission selling with PC275?

Your commission savings

Upgrades Available

Get more for your PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia listing

PC275 Realty Brokerage better photos sell houses faster

Picture Enhancements

3D virtual tours available from PC275 Realty Ontario

3D Tours

Floor Plans

Staging & Professional Cleaning

Painting & Maintenance

Lawn Care, Drone Photography, Social Media Marketing And More!


Feel safe buying and selling London, Woodstock and Sarnia homes with our trusted PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia Realtor® team

Our superior technology will make it easy to sell your property in London, Woodstock and Sarnia.

Stress free guidance to make the buying and selling process easy.

Unparalleled customer support across the London, Woodstock and Sarnia and southern Ontario region area.




Our Just Cause

PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia exists to build a more inclusive real estate industry that stimulates innovation and collaboration among all Realtors® while providing an exceptional experience to the London, Woodstock and Sarnia families we serve. Our goal is to create a transparent, efficient, and exciting process that our London, Woodstock and Sarnia clients trust and value.

We do this by leveraging mentorship to foster innovation and professionalism, technology to streamline the process and create cost saving efficiencies and a world class support team to ensure excellence in the execution of our service.

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We are a team concept. All Realtors® collaborate together to provide mentorship, professional development, innovation and service. We have a unique mentorship training program that allows us to develop exceptional Realtors® and industry leaders.

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Technology is a powerful tool that allows us to stay efficient and keep costs down. Virtual presentations, e-signing, file management and centralized logistics allows for economy of scale and cost savings we pass onto our clients.

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World class service is the engine of our business. By leveraging a team of executive assistants to manage our logistics and operations our team of Realtors® are able to focus on developing business opportunities, selling homes and building a network. This allows us to be more efficient and polished while serving more people.


Learn how to earn
80% - 100% of your commissions.

At PC275 Realty London, Woodstock and Sarnia, we work as a family to help each other grow, sell more, and provide an exceptional client experience.

We provide all of our Realtors® with the resources they need for volume sales and to start off strong.

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