It’s no shocker that the world has changed due to COVID-19. In fact, real estate is one industry that has been dramatically affected by the pandemic. If you are selling your home, you know that the age-old process of “showing” has completely changed and has transitioned to the online world. PC275 is a modern brokerage ahead of the curve and had adopted technology before the wake of COVID-19. Because of this, we are experts in Zoom showings and wanted to take the time today to share some of our best-kept secrets as to how we make our listings stand out on-screen.


Selling in 2020 is all about screen appeal; your house now has to show well through a potential buyers screen, so because of that, you have to have screen-appeal in mind! In today’s article, we will walk you through the steps to professionally stage your space for a virtual showing. 



The first step in staging for a screen is focusing heavily on decluttering. Decluttering always matters when staging, but clutter is less forgiving on screen than in person. This is because screens showcase in 2D as appose to the 3D depth you have when seeing a person’s space. 



You want to ensure that the layout is optimized for a screen because of the 2D lens the buyer will be viewing your space through. You want the space to appear more open, so try to move your couches further apart and remove additional accessories that may clutter the space. Because you are showing your house through a screen, you want to focus on the room’s layout and less on the transitional spaces. I.e., you can move your couches further into the buffer between the living room and kitchen area to make the living room look larger. Because you have to walk between rooms with the camera, the depth perception is off, which you can use to your advantage. 


Maximize Virtual Staging

The data taken during COVID-19 states that homes that were staged sell faster than empty ones. This comes back to the depth perception that lenses cause. It’s harder for a Zoom guest to visualize the space and size of space through a screen if it is empty. The good news is you only need a few key pieces to show the room’s scale/size. If you can’t purchase furniture safely during this time, consider virtual staging, where you can add virtual furniture into the space. 


These are our easy tips to help you sell your home virtually! At PC275, we are a modern brokerage where we can safely and effectively sell your home for as low as 2.75% total commission. Contact us today to learn more about PC275! 


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