Thanks for checking in to our part 2 on how to give your closets/doors a breath of new life. If you are a DIYer this blog post is for you! Many don’t think about giving their closets or doors a makeover, but this small detail can increase the value of your home—especially if you apply these handy-dandy tricks to your master and guest bedrooms. 


Like part one, this project can be broken down by your level of comfort with power tools/DIY crafts take a look at the three levels below:



We determine beginner based on how comfortable you are with power tools. If you are little to not comfortable then you are a beginner!



If you are someone who has a basic level of understanding/comfort with power tools and technical language you are an intermediate. 



You are comfortable with power tools and have extensive background/experience with building materials and supplies. 


This project is considered “intermediate” if you use the steps as we lay them out. You can simplify or go more custom based on your level of comfort with the steps below.


In Phase 2 we will be breaking down how to paint your doors and add hardware. 


When it comes to painting you really need to be prepared. We suggest going over your doors with DAP plastic wood to fill in the tiny gaps caused by your Miter cuts. DAP is the best for achieving a clean/smooth look—trust us, we’ve tried it all! 


Once the DAP has dried for an hour you can go over the door with 100 grit sandpaper. 


The next step is hardware! For the hardware, you will want to add in whatever handles you want. For reference to the photo below, we used 3 inch pulls. You will want to use an electric drill to screw in the hardware. Once the hardware is screwed in you may want to spray down the brackets with a Rustoleum gold spray paint to give the hardware a modern look/feel. This is our preferred spray because you often only need one coat. 


Materials Used in Phase 2:

= Total Costs on Phase 2 Excluding Tools: $48.38

Time Spent on Phase 2:


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