In today’s blog, we will explore how you can make your own DIY coffee table on a budget. At PC275, we are a family-first brokerage and we understand the importance of saving money without having to compromise value or style. 


Crate coffee tables are all the rage recently and this step-by-step guide will help you achieve a high-end looking coffee table while saving money—and not taking a ton of time!


To get started you will need the following supplies:

  • 4 Wood Crates (can get from Michaels)
  • 1 Piece of Heavy-duty Plywood 
  • 1 Can of Wood Stain 
  • Foam or Paintbrush for Stain 
  • 4 Caster Wheels with Locks
  • 24 5/8inch Wood Screws 
  • Electric Wood Sander 
  • 4 Small ‘L’ Brackets 


To get started you will want to work either outside or on a tarp so that if things get messy, you’re covered! 


  • Get Sanding

If you don’t want sharp edges, you’ll want to sand the sides of the crates. If you don’t care, skip this step.



  • Start Painting

The next step is to get your stain or paint and begin painting the top of your plywood and wood crates. You can use either a foam brush, paintbrush, towel or rag—it depends on what look you want the paint to create. Give the crates time to dry (a few hours) note you will want to give the wood at least 2 coats—gauge depending on the colour you want to achieve. 


  • Build the Table 

Once the stain/paint is dry you want to screw your caster wheels to the bottom of your plywood. Once the wheels are in you can start to build the table. Place the crates in the way you want the table to look. Once you are happy with the placement you can screw 4 screws at the bottom of each crate into the plywood so that the table is sturdy. 


  • Connect the Crates 

Once the crates are fastened to the base you will want to connect the crates together to make the table extremely sturdy. Use your electric drill to connect them together. Once all 4 crates are screwed together you want to measure the gap between the crates. Cut a piece of plywood based on the size of your gap and then stain this piece. Do as many coats as you used for the table. 



  • Add the L-brackets

Once the plywood is dry you can screw in your L-brackets. 



  • Enjoy!

Place your coffee table into your room of choice and enjoy your new, beautiful DIY furniture piece.


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