A kitchen is more than a space where you cook– it’s the heart of the home, the centre spot where everyone congregates, where days are shared and memories are made.

The kitchen is also the best space to spend your money if you want to add value to your home. Recently, The New York Times shared a statistic in their editorial section called “Ask the Contractor” that explained that a kitchen accounts for about 10-15% of your overall property value. If you are tight on cash, renovating your kitchen is a cost-effective and efficient way to increase the value of your property overall.

Remodelling your kitchen does not have to be an extremely costly project, there are lots of great ways you can cut costs by using the internet, turning to blogs, or watching home improvement shows.

A great way to determine the budget is by figuring out the approximate value of your house, you can use an appraiser for this. Once you figure out the approximate value, you want to figure out what 10-15% of the house value would be. You only want to spend about 10-15% in a kitchen because your kitchen accounts for about 10-15% of your overall property value. Figure out what you can afford within that range before you start deciding any details of the reno.  

The best tips for avoiding expensive renos are:

  1. Do not try to remove/add walls or major fixtures like sinks and ovens
  • Big changes like these can really rack up the budget and can save you a lot of money if they can be avoided
  1. Re-vamp what you already have
  • Often, cabinets can be repainted, or walls can be brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint, try to keep what you already have so you can save some extra cash.
  1. Spend on Appliances and Accessories
  • Often swapping out an old fridge for a new one can add life to a tired space. It’s best to shop around and start looking early, you can often find great deals on appliances throughout the year if you start looking early.
  • Accessories are also a great way to add a new flair to an old space. Check out affordable stores like Homesense, Winners, local thrift stores and more for one of a kind pieces that can make your kitchen POP.
  1. Shop Around for Prices
  • Call a few contractors before you commit to a worker; it’s important to shop around for quotes before you finalize a relationship.  Often, if you tell a contractor that your shopping around you can get a competitive price. Be wary of the cheapest and most expensive quote, we recommend that you ask for a recommendation from a past client before you commit. Obviously, you want to pick a quote that is within your budget, but you also want to avoid any issues or unexpected costs. Look for someone who is honest and will not cut corners—they will not be ‘cheap’ but that level of service is worth it.

If you want to add more value to your home some other remodelling projects you can consider include remodelling your bathroom, basement, or replacing your roof, windows, and central air-conditioning.

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