Creating the Best First Impression

They say first impressions are important, but in real estate, they are truly a deal-breaker.    In fact, one might argue that there are no second impressions in real estate. Showings are often a love-hate scenario, where potential buyers who fall into the latter category, don’t come back for more.    As first impressions are […]

Nesting 101

Nesting plans after divorce, also known as “birdnesting” is currently a hot trend in divorce. Nesting is when both parents keep the marital family home, and their children reside there all of the time. In this co-parenting arrangement, the parents rent a one-bedroom apartment, or in some cases two-separate living spaces, for them to live […]

10 Steps to Selling A Home

Buying a home can be stressful, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. Lucky for you, we are experts at buying and selling homes and we created this simple 10 step list to buying a home to make the process a little less complicated for you.       Step 1: Get Your Credit Report & […]

5 Tips for Flawless Flowers

Flower season is upon us and we want you to score a garden full of fresh blooms! Have your home and yard smelling like fresh flowers all summer long. Gardening can be intimidating for many but, it doesn’t have to be with our 5 flawless flower tips! Follow along and fall in love with your […]

Are Fireplaces Safe?

A cozy fireplace is a dream during the cold winter months; it could be something you are dreaming of having in your next house or something you currently have in your home. Fireplaces have been a staple in most family homes for hundreds of years, as it once was the primary source of heat for […]

Should You Be Worried About Toxic Mould

Mould is everywhere, and it is unavoidable. Mould grows anywhere there is maintained moisture, or where moisture has a chance to settle. Because of this, mould grows both outside and inside your home. You can find mould in your garden and on the sides of your house. Mould grows on brick and concrete and turns […]

DIY Hacks for Bringing Some Greenery to Your Small Space

Do you live in an apartment or a home with little to no porch? PC275 wants to bring out your inner botanist and create an at–home vertical garden!   First off, a note on plant decision— remember before you go wild at the garden centre, think about your vertical greenhouse’s arrangement. To develop most vegetables, herbs, succulents and yearly blossoms, […]

Busting Some Common Misconceptions About Realtors

Picking a realtor to sell or buy your new home should not be a decision that is taken lightly! Learn the facts and bust the myths about realtors so that you can have a seamless and stress-free experience when you are ready to buy or sell a home. Below are three common misconceptions about realtors […]