This years’ back-to-school looks drastically different than in previous years. In fact, you’re probably trying to figure out how to turn your home into a part-time classroom. If so, this article is for you!

This September, parents aren’t looking to buy knapsacks and lunch pails because most of our children are learning from home. Many of us are scrambling to turn our dining room into a classroom and not sure what tools will help us achieve this. In today’s blog, we discuss the best supplies for back to school, which will help you navigate the virtual or hybrid school model.


Colour Coded Notebooks

If you are assisting your child in learning multiple subjects, you want to try and create the feeling that they are ‘switching hats.’ Colour coding subject to a notebook’s colour can help your child physically switch from one subject to another while staying focused and engaged.



Depending on the amount of space you have will determine how organized you can get separating subjects. If you have the space to have physical tray’s, we recommend setting up a specific tray for each subject. This allows you and your kids to easily organize their work, notes and book for each subject by having its own designated space.

If you have multiple children or simply just don’t have space, we recommend a file folder with multiple slots for each subject so that your child can easily navigate their work and course load.


White Board

Personal or large whiteboards are great for mind mapping/brainstorming. Kids often excel with visuals, so it’s great to provide them with an outlet to plan, take notes or draw out concepts on a larger surface.


Colourful Whiteboard Markers

To build off the above point, providing your children with colour options allows them to organize their thoughts/ideas through colour which has been proven to stimulate the mind and cause a higher recall.



Enforcing your child to use an agenda and write down what work is due is important for trying to keep a school-like feel at home. Agendas are also a great way to teach your children how to time and project manage their schedules.


Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an excellent tool for children who are reading for literature circles or are reading textbooks. Teach your children to use stickies to leave notes on pages, connect themes/ideas, or mark which pages are important to revisit later. Not only will you keep your books tidy, but you’ll also teach your kids how to organize their thoughts better.


These are the key back to school supplies that we suggest to keep your kids on track and feel like they are in a productive learning environment.

Have suggestions not mentioned that work for you and your kids? Drop us a line at [email protected]