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Selling Safely with PC275 during the COVID-19 Crisis

Julian Quinones Photo

Julian Quinones

Sales Representative & Associate

Julian Quinones has been a self-starting entrepreneur since his early 20's. His passion for business, marketing, and branding has always been evident throughout his ventures. Whether that meant launching a T-shirt printing business out of his dorm room at Fanshawe college, becoming a go-to freelance web designer for marketing agencies in Toronto, or co-founding and scaling not one, but two successful home service companies that still operate to this very day. Julian has gained tremendous hands-on experience in many aspects of business and continues to expand his entrepreneurial footprint as he strategically moves into the world of real estate. "Now, as a full-time real estate salesperson, I look forward to new challenges but I see this next step as a natural progression in my career", says Julian, who has studied the industry closely for many years. "I understand that for most families in Ontario, buying or selling a home can be an extremely exciting, yet stressful point in their lives and it's important for them to have someone in their corner who is confident, approachable, and knowledgeable during transactions.