We make it easy to sell with our superior technology & unparalleled customer support.

Our Ontario team is dedicated to creating a world in which the vast majority of people feel safe buying and selling with a trusted Realtor®

We at PC275 Realty will make the process stress-free by guiding you from start to finish!

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We are Professional Award-Winning Real Estate Agents

PC275 Realty in Ontario exists to build a more inclusive real estate industry that stimulates innovation and collaboration among all Realtors® while providing an exceptional experience to the families we serve. Our goal is to create a transparent, efficient, and exciting process that our clients trust and value.

Real Service.

Polished, professional, and transparent real estate sales experience.

Great Price.

We believe that real estate commissions should be fair

Feel Good.

We always aim to give our clients an award winning and premium real estate experience and aim to have them close with a smile.

PC275 Realty clients love our Feel Good experience

Who we are
Empowering people through technology.

Leveraging mentorship to foster innovation and professionalism, technology to streamline the process and create cost saving efficiencies and a world class support team to ensure excellence in the execution of our service.


We are a team concept. All Realtors® collaborate together to provide mentorship, professional development, innovation and service. We have a unique mentorship training program that allows us to develop exceptional Realtors® and industry leaders.


Technology is a powerful tool that allows us to stay efficient and keep costs down. Virtual presentations, e-signing, file management and centralized logistics allows for economy of scale and cost savings we pass onto our clients.


World class service is the engine of our business. By leveraging a team of executive assistants to manage our logistics and operations our team of Realtors® are able to focus on developing business opportunities, selling homes and building a network. This allows us to be more efficient and polished while serving more people.

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