Have you been wanting to update your bathroom but don’t have the time or money for a quick renovation? If so, this blog is for you! At PC275, we like to save our clients money and wanted to share these simple tips we have used ourselves. Please keep reading to learn more about our 7 simple tips.


Often a simple deep cleaning can breathe new air into an old space. A deep cleaning can make your floor cleaner and your porcelain whiter. Focus on cleaning hard water stains and scum on tiles–this will go a long way in making your space feel new. 


Often caulking can chip or get stained from heavy use. A quick re-caulk can make the space look new for less. If you aren’t a DIYer you can hire a handyman to do this, however, caulking is quite easy–just head on over to Youtube for some quick tutorials. 


All this time indoors is great justification for a quick and easy paint job. Paint is relatively inexpensive for how much time we are staying indoors and can bring new life to old walls. Experiment with colour by adding an accent wall or creating a new theme for your bathroom. It’s just paint, have fun and get creative!


Hardwear is a cheap and easy way to give your room a new feel. Places like Homedepot have hundreds of options to choose from, which will give you the perfect finish for a new bathroom-feel. 


You can either purchase a new fixture, or you can replace the bulbs. Changing the lighting is a great way to open the space and give it a new feel. 


You can add/change/remove decor to give your bathroom a new feel. Accessories are a great and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a new feel. Some examples include nautical accessories, beach accessories, or more modern-minimalistic accessories. 


Storage is a great way to clean up space by removing any clutter. Acrylic storage is great in bathrooms because it is clear and easy to clean. You can also get organized by getting bins for under sink/cabinet storage so that everything is organized and easy to access. 


These are our 7 Ways You Can Update Your Bathroom On the Weekend! Have a tip or trick not mentioned? We would love to hear it; send in your thoughts to feelgood@pc275.com. 


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