Are you one of the million Canadians that have had to turn your home into your full-time office? Well, at PC275, we were a fully virtual office before the pandemic, so I guess you could say we’re experts at working from home!


In today’s article, we will share 5 tips that will help you make your home office work for you so that you can be productive and feel like you’re not at home.


  1. Choose One Place to Work and Commit

It’s important for you to separate your work and leisure, and unfortunately, working from home complicates that balance. For those who are forced to live and work in the same space, we recommend choosing one designated area in your home to be the ‘workspace.’ This will allow your brain to better switch between working and relaxing and won’t derail your productivity.


  1. Invest in Setting Up the Right Set-Up

We’re now approaching month 6 of ‘the new normal’ which means that if you haven’t invested already in the right WFH set up, now is the time to do so. This includes investing in an ergonomic chair, proper wiring for your tech, professional background for video calls and proper lighting. It’s essential to prioritize your back, neck and eye strain so that you don’t create long-lasting health concerns that will persist post-pandemic.


  1. Declutter Your Space

It’s important to create a work environment that’s conducive to be able actually to work productively. This means creating (and keeping) a clean and organized work environment that’s clutter-free. We recommend investing in the right organizational tools like file folders, cabinets, trays, etc. so that you can keep all of your work papers organized.


  1. Set the Mood

Setting the mood is as important as having a clean and organized space. Setting the mood is completely dependent on whatever relaxes you. Some things that help our team get into work-mode is setting candles, turning on a diffusor, making a glass of tea, and having plants.



5. Create a Clean & Professional Background

Most of us are now used to video calls in place of actual meetings. If your business is leveraging video calls it’s important to have a professional-looking background. We know working from home is not ideal, and you may not be able to have a plain background as your screens backdrop—and that’s okay. Everyone is working from home and knows it’s not ideal, but it’s imperative that you keep your background as professional as possible. This means having a clean background that is sans people and pets. If your background has to have a kitchen, living room, etc. make sure the room is clean and doesn’t have any distracting features.


As a virtual business, these are our favourite tips for working remotely while not sacrificing professionalism. Contact us if you are interested in selling your house for as low as 2.75% while adhering to all social distancing guidelines. PC275 is a fully virtual brokerage built by families for families!


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