The past year has had many ups and downs– the pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and be in our homes more than we usually would. For many, the home has become a gloom place that is no longer a joy and happiness source. As home experts, we have put together this quick list of ways to give your space new life to increase your mood. Of course, you can always explore moving–which for many has been exactly what they needed during this time; if that’s what you are looking for, we would be happy to appraise your home for you and give a free consultation as to what your options are to move. If you are not quite ready to move, you can start with these simple suggestions!


If you have been working in the same chair/location in the house, you may just need a change of scenery. Pick a new place in the house to set up shop and try working from there. We suggest working near a window so that you can enjoy some fresh sunlight as we move into the darker months. 



All this time indoors is a great justification for a quick and easy paint job. Paint is relatively inexpensive for how much time we stay indoors and can bring new life to old walls. Experiment with colour by adding an accent wall or creating a new theme for a room you spend a lot of time in. It’s just paint, have fun and get creative!


All the time inside means that junk can pile up without noticing it. You have clutter everywhere before you know it, and you are working/living in a messy space. Cluttered spaces are not conducive to a healthy mindset, so take the time to declutter your home on a weekend so that you can bring fresh energy to your home. Tackle one room at a time and use the Marie Kondo method. This is when you hold on to each item and only keep the items that “spark joy.” Give away items you no longer need to make more space! 


The 24-hour news cycle can create impending anxiety and stress–if you are someone who likes to stay up-to-date, this can cause underlying mental health issues during these stressful times. To keep your mind in-check, we suggest turning on phone time limits or creating phone-free times (i.e. dinner time) so that you can unplug from the digital world and enjoy time with your loved ones. 


Going into winter can mean we will have less natural light. You want to get ahead of this so that your home is always bright and uplifting. Invest in some additional lights that you can put around your home and purchase natural light bulbs to have the experience of natural light even in the darker/colder months. 


These are our 5 easy ways to revitalize your space to boost your mood! Have a tip or trick not mentioned? We would love to hear it; send in your thoughts to 


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