Winter is in full swing and we will be spending more time indoors. With all of the extra time that we will be spending inside this Winter, you should make sure your house is cozy and comfortable. This article explores 5 easy tips to make your house cozier this Winter.

  1. Get a Diffuser

Diffusers are a great way to enhance the sensory experience of any room for any season. Most scents for diffusers are essential oils derived from natural ingredients. For the winter months, you want to swap out your summery citrus scents for more full-bodied, nuttier scents like cloves! All you need is an outlet, some water, and your scent to get your diffuser going—plus it’s not a fire hazard!

  1. Incorporate Darker Themed Accessories

Swapping out your summer colours for richer tons creates a cozy atmosphere. We recommend selecting full-body colours for throws, pillows and table linens. Dark textures juxtapose well with wood elements and create a cozy experience. Use wood elements like a wood fruit bowl, charcuterie board, and home accents to create a warm environment.

  1. Create a Winter Playlist

You spend so much time in your kitchen why not treat your time in it like you do at a gym work out session? When having guests over you should have curated playlists for different seasons to ensure the season is properly captured. If you don’t already, invest in a wireless speaker for your kitchen that connects to your phone. Create a winter playlist that can include holiday music for before the holidays or cozy tunes for post-holiday gatherings. Need some winter playlist inspo? We recommend smooth Jazz—Miles Davis is a great place to start!

  1.  Add Pops of Colour

If there is any blank space in your kitchen we recommend painting it. If you are a true die-hard you could paint an accent wall for each season. I.e. for the fall/winter you can choose to use warmer, darker colours like a deep red, warm orange, or olive or brown tone. If this is too much work, choose something neutral like a beige that if paired with darker tones looks cozier or with summer tones more beachy.

  1.  Nurture Indoor Plants

Houseplants are a great way to keep the house feeling cozy but alive. There is a fine line between cozy and stuffy and plants really help reducing stuffiness. Indoor houseplants are a great option for any season because they require little upkeep and double as unique decor.

Another great option is creating an indoor herb garden. You can choose to purchase a tech garden or you can install a small indoor garden on your window sill or on a shelf near a window so that you can have fresh herbs all year long!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! End up trying any of these tips? Send us your photos to!

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