The holiday season is quickly approaching, and this means for many of us that you have to start planning for family get-togethers. If you will be hosting any kind of holiday event this season you need to get your house guest-ready. 

Continue reading this blog to learn 5 simple tips and tricks to get your house ready for visitors this winter. 

  1. Clean the Floors

Let’s face it, hosting is stressful. You have to cook, clean and entertain. Often, the biggest stress is the lead up to the event. How much to cook? How much food will be enough? When will I have time to clean my house? If you’re anything like us, you’ll have your hands full all December so these tricks will help you ease stress and save time so that you can focus on your event being a success. 

The best place to start with house prepping is focusing on the rooms where your guests will spend time. If no one goes in the basement, don’t focus on cleaning it now. You do want to focus on cleaning the floors, this is something you probably want to do near the end so that they are spotless when guests arrive. It’s proven that if your floors are clean you give the appearance that your entire house is much cleaner. If you have only time to do one thing, do this!

If you have carpets, you want to make sure they are cleaned at a minimum of 3 days before so that they are dry by the time your guests arrive. 

  1. Set Up Outdoor Lighting 

Winter means darkness comes early, and most of your guests will be coming for dinner time which will be after the sun has set. It is super important that you set up good exterior lighting for your house including lights that guide guests to your front door. This makes the path clear and easy to navigate, especially with bad weather approaching, you want to ensure no one slips, falls or misses a step! 

We also suggest that you cut back any shrubbery that is obstructing the walkway to help clear the pathway to your front door. 

  1. Open Your Blinds

On the evening of your party, have your blinds open to show your warm festive home. This creates a very opening experience for your guests before they walk in and truly sets the tone!


  1. Tune-up kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliances get used the most during the holidays, so it’s important to do a health check on them before they break on Christmas Eve! This is the time to check if all your stove burners are working and if your fridge and freezer are sitting at the right temperatures. 

Make sure you clean your oven before the holidays as well as your dishwasher. You can clean it easily with a dishwasher cleaner that you run through a cycle.

You also want to ensure your knives are sharpened and that your electric carving knife has new batteries! 

  1.  Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Kids

If you’re expecting young children in the house, you’ll want to do a quick sweep to ensure the house is safe in the main areas while your entertaining in the kitchen. You want to begin by putting away expensive, breakable or unstable objects. Make sure chemical cleaners or anything poisonous is not easily accessible in the main areas. Also ensure that there are no small objects hanging around that children could choke on, like batteries or small trinkets.  

With these 5 tips, your home will be ready to serve guests this holiday season. Have more tips? send them over to 

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