Flower season is upon us and we want you to score a garden full of fresh blooms! Have your home and yard smelling like fresh flowers all summer long.

Gardening can be intimidating for many but, it doesn’t have to be with our 5 flawless flower tips!

Follow along and fall in love with your backyard all over again.

1. Prepping Your Space

When preparing your space for planting, ensure that that area is clear of any weeds, rocks or even bad roots. Make sure that this is a spot that gets a great amount of sunlight. The right amount of sunshine and rain/water will make your garden glow! You also want to make sure that this space does not collect a lot of water because this could drown your plants too.

2. Pay Your Local Nursery a Visit

We recommend purchasing nursery-grown flowers and plants. This is an excellent way to get a jump start at your healthy garden because during the growth stage they were cared for by skilled gardeners. It is critical to take extra care between purchase and planting, you do not want to leave them in your car for long on a scolding summer day. It is also important to water these plants as soon as you get home.

3. Replanting Your Flowers

The process of replanting can often be traumatic for the roots. Before replanting, It is important to water your nursery flowers to keep the roots hydrated, healthy and strong. By watering the plant 1-2 hours before replanting will prevent any damage and will result in a longer lasting garden. Taking space into consideration is also another factor that will aid in optimal growth. When plants are placed too closely together the flowers will fail to flourish. This is because planting too close together can create competition for light, water, and nutrients.

4. Plant Perfectly

When re-planting nursery plants, you want to ensure that the soil at the root of the plant is level with the soil on the ground. Making sure that the crown is at the correct level in the soil will support overall growth. This is critical because you do not want to dry out the plant or in some cases, rot the plant.

Pro tip: Pushing the soil around the transplant and firmly fixing it in place using a trowel will help ensure that there are no gaps left between the roots.

  1. Adding and Maintaining

    To keep your garden looking fresh and full, it is recommended to clean up fallen leaves and petals regularly. A clean and crisp garden will bring you a summer full of joy and endless compliments from your neighbours, friends and family. Your garden has the potential to be one of the most beautiful features of your yard and home. Now that you have a good grasp on growing a gorgeous garden, it’s time to add to it. Adding in fragrant herbs is a simple way to beautify your space and can be used in the kitchen too. Incorporating fresh herbs into your garden is fun, tasty and super easy.