Inflation is real, housing costs are going through the roof, interests are going up, and real wages are stagnant. The current housing market is extremely stressful for most, but more importantly—what does this mean for first time home buyers, which are mostly millennials?

For starters, it might mean that millennials will not be moving out of their parents home any time soon.

However, we have solution for those millennials that do not want to live at home until their early forties. In this article, we have compiled the 5 things you need to know to set your self up to buy a house:

1. Interest Rates are Going Up – that means it is becoming more expensive to buy and that the home you want to buy is moving out of your price range. Buying now and locking in is one way to avoid escalating rates.

2. Credit Ratings and Scores are more important Than Ever – a good score can make the difference when qualifying for a mortgage. Do you know how to look at your current credit score? do you know how you measure up to your friends? We at PC275 can help improve your score before you buy, we will also show you what your current score is and what that means to you.

3. The Realtor you Choose Can Make a Difference – a good realtor can get you the house you want at the price you can afford. The problem is, how do you know when you have the right one? or the best one? You need someone who can smell out and find deals, find motivated sellers and negotiate effectively to save you thousands. It’s important to shop around and find your right realtor before you’re locked in. It’s free to research, and it is priceless to be informed.

4. Finding the Best Option That Works for You — there are creative options to buying your first home that offset lending costs and let you into markets that are otherwise unreachable. Our team knows how to leverage these options while meeting your needs; you would be surprised by what we can do with our expertise

5. Reason Trumps Emotion – when you want to buy a house you need to be informed and working with someone you trust to act in your interests, not just close a deal. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you walk away from, and your realtor needs to put your future ahead of theirs. At PC 275, we live by that principle, which is why we come so highly recommended.

Contact PC275 and sit down with us so we can build a plan to set you up for success and your first house.